Gail Turns Three
This article appeared in the Warsaw Times-Union on September 19, 1964

Gail celebrates her birthday on the lawn at the Alfran Nursing Home

  GAIL IS THREE NOW -- Last Sunday afternoon the lawn of the Alfran Nursing Home was filled with children of Alfran employees who had gathered to help little Gail, (third from left), celebrate her third birthday.  Gail was featured not long ago in a story of the severely retarded children cared for at the nursing home.  Gail has been a "pet" of the nurses.  Their continued attentions have enabled Gail to talk.  They had been told she would probably never talk or walk, but the day prior to her third birthday, she took her first steps alone.  The Frank Wilsons,  owners of Alfran, gave the party.  Mrs. Wilson sits second from left, and Mr. Wilson, fifth from left.  Children appearing in the picture are Deatra Denise Bowman, far left, Lori Teghtmeyer, in front of Wilson, Marilyn Stuber, second from right, and Ronnie Aaron, far right.
--(Times Union Photo by Boyd)

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