Gail's First Newspaper Article
from the
Warsaw Times-Union (Spring/Summer 1964)

Gail & her friends from the Alfran Nursing Home

  REAL PALS--Gay little Gail, two and one-half years old (seated between Sherman Redman, 79, and Gustave Kuehl, who will be 101 years old Aug. 30) is as happy as she can be with devoted attention at the Alfran Nursing Home.  She and Jerry, nine years old, (in high chair right of Mr. Kuehl) are two of the seriously retarded children being taken care of at the Alfran Nursing Home.  The home will soon have 20 children in its children's wing.

This is the first story about Gail in the Warsaw Times-Union.  The reporter researched the story in May 1964 and it appeared between late May and early June of that year.

Gail waves to "Granpa" Sherman Redman with the encouragement of Nurse "Gracie" Freeman.

HERE COMES GRANDPA-Jerry watches little Gail as Nurse "Gracie" (Mrs. Charles) Freeman teaches Gail to wave her hand as she sees "Grandpa" Sherman Redman approach.
--(Times-Union Photos by Boyd)

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